Hand Crafted by some of India's finest artisans, AUTOGRAPH MAN brings to you a line of handcrafted juttis that speak the charm of a true old school artisan with the design sensibilities of a modern, luxury shoe brand. Therefore, re creating the jutti! With love for the handicraft and passion for revival of the jutti. 

Each and every pair we put out on our shelves is 100% handcrafted by a team of highly skilled artisans and craftsman to achieve high measures of finesse, beauty and quality. A multi tier process starts with the designs that move from sketches.Following which, the cloth is pasted on leather lining, and hand stitched on the leather soles to turn them into beautiful shoes. The polish and smoothening of leather, cutting of curves to give the shoe the correct shape and stitching the pieces of leather and cloth together are done with immense care to give you your perfect shoe. Every pair is quality checked and then moved to the final phase of packaging, which then is delivered to you with love!


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